Matt Gaetz Invites Chuck Johnson As A Guest At SOTU Speech


On a night when First responders, victims of tragic incidents and others hailed as hero’s where brought to the annual speech.

Florida’s GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz brought an alt-right provocateur Chuck Johnson who’s been banned from Twitter as his personal guest to the president’s SOTU speech.

Johnson showed up at Gaetz’s office and shortly afterwards Gaetz invited Johnson to the speech according to a source.

Gaetz when questioned attempted to use a Donald Trump tactic as if it would work for him, by denying that he even knew who Johnson was,…

Almost the same way when Trump said he didn’t know whom David Duke was.

To me it sounds like a ” Crock Of Crap ” and here’s why –

Capitol Police had flagged the name and called Gaetz to inquire about Johnson in a mysterious unrelated matter — the first-term congressman decided not to pull his ticket to President Trump’s speech.

Gaetz could have pulled the ticket but chose not to.

I could say a lot more about this guy, but am choosing not to.

He’s not from my district, hopefully his constituents will question him about this.

Look at what others say:

Momma always told me ” Birds of a feather, Flock together.

Mean while in other news –

Matt Gaetz wants to talk about his mug shot, but not his arrest


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