LAPD Brutal Beating Of Man Sparks Outrage


According to – wsh DAY 10
2014 Footage Released Shows The LAPD Kicking And Hitting A Man As He Lays Face Down On The Street
2014 video has been released that shows a Los Angeles police officer assaulting a man cops were trying to apprehend in the middle of a street in South L.A. Two officers were already holding Clinton Alford Jr. to the ground when officer Richard Garcia came in to kick the man in his head.

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Opinion –
It’s no surprise to residents in California that these types of incidents happen not on a regular basis but as a pattern within Law Enforcement.
In many cases officers are rarely disciplined if at all, most of the times they are usually transferred and or relocated to a community near you.
Often times people whom watch don’t take notice until it happens to them and or someone close to them.

Police misconduct MUST face a minimum mandatory jail sentence if found in neglet, and that’s what we will push for.


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