Deray McKesson Ambushed By Police Sparks Outrage


Opinion –

It appeared that it was either a well planned Lynching – Kidnapping or worse Deray McKesson was targeted by Police..

The video sends another message and shock wave across the world and once again shows how officers can quickly run up on a victim they create from behind and arrest with out an explanation as to why.

The blatant disrespect that these officers presented went even further, as peaceful demonstrators attempted to ask why was McKesson being arrested and hauled off reminded me of a Lynching or far worse a kidnapping as officers ignored to respond as for the reason McKesson was being arrested.

The Washington Post shows a picture of police hauling McKesson away as if McKesson was a trophy, as in bragging rights as to which officer would arrest this peaceful man.

The video is disturbing but very telling, just to how many others have been arrested in this manner is unknown but raises concern and most definitely stirs more division.

Take a good look at this photo and ask your selves if these officers look proud, and look in the background as one officer appears to be filming the capture of a peaceful protestor.

Keep up with more here #FreeDeray


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