Video Emerges Of Delrawn Small Being Killed By NYPD Off-Duty


According to a video –
Newly released surveillance cam video of the shooting of Delrawn Small by off-duty NYPD Officer Wayne Isaacs during a road rage incident on July 4th.
Opinion –
Again as I’ve seen this time and time after time…
Was medical aide rendered to the fallen victim?

According to sources the N.Y. Attorney General is probing this incident
but like so many other incidents that are probed by local connections the killer will almost certainly walk away free in which many are citing that it only incites more of similar types incidents to occur.
When people can simply just kill and face almost no penalties, it can enrage chaos and or dis-order.
Congress should act and make it mandatory that any officer involved shooting and those involved should be given an automatic 3-5 year desk duty.

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