Police Killing Alton Sterling Is The Worst I’ve Seen In Years


Warning: The video above, published by The Daily Beast, is extremely graphic.

A second video has emerged that appears to show another version of the incident, The Daily Beast reported.

According to sources the store owner, Abdul Muflahi, provided the now second and new video.

Sources also say that Police went into Muflahi’s store took the surveillance footage without his permission with no search warrant and are now in control of the footage.

According to reports,.. Body cameras were present of the time Sterling was killed.

Police appear to be shadowing a narrative that the cameras may have fallen off or the footage maybe bad.

A choice that should not be up to the Police to decide, but for the public to determine.

Opinion –

The video clearly shows Sterling’s arms spread wide out nowhere near his pockets.

We spoke to an activist and this is what he said…

According to an activist –

Police often say there are a few bad apples that exist in police depts. across the Nation, well we are now demanding that the bad apples be rooted out
and that Police may already know who they are, and if so and choose to do nothing they too should be held accountable up to as far as being an accomplice.


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