Shaun King Challenges Twitter Over Friends Suspension


Shaun King New York Daily News Senior Justice Writer made a gutsy move on twitter today in what seems like a challenge to Twitter.

After a friend of King on Twitter was suspended shortly after posting a video, King made it clear that he reposted it.

We won’t show the video but it is attached in King’s tweet.

After a Tweet by the user name of @jeanettejing is said to have been suspended after posting the video, though the actual reason for the suspension is unknown. King seems to be in protest on Twitter.

@jeanettejing whom often tweets anti Hillary Clinton messages in what many seem to view as propaganda, is a Bernie Sanders supporter according to sources.


The video which was posted did not seem to have any warning of ” Graphic Content ” which may have led to the suspension if the video had anything to do with it all.

If that is the case, then Twitter may have some explaining to do, as to why a male can post the tweeted video and get away with it, and yet a female can’t.

Update: @jeanettejing Account is back on line.


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