Lake Elsinore, CA: Man Killed By Officer Raises Questions


Lake Elsinore , CA –

A man was fatally shot and killed by a Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy according to sources.

Is now raising many questions as to what really happened according to a witness via a comment stating that.. ” ” Police have some explaining to do that is all I have to say!!..

According to a source – Deputy Mike Vasquez a Sheriffs Spokesman released very little details about the circumstances.. citing only that the incident is under investigation.

Riverside County is mostly patrolled by the Riverside County Sheriffs, Many residents are concerned by the way the County operates citing that not only do the Sheriff’s deputies patrol the communities but also run the County jails, leaving the jailed inmates more vulnerable as Jail deaths continue to rise.

Many media outlets struggle to get coverage there and mainly rely on the narrative/statement made by the Officer and or it’s Department..sources say.

Riverside County is one of the biggest counties in the Nation.


Deputy Michael Vasquez’s statement on an earlier unrelated fatal shooting captured on cell phone.


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