Baltimore: 2 School Police Officers Charged In Assault On Teen


Warning video is graphic..

Anthony Spence (Baltimore Police via AP)

Take a good look at Officer Spence, 44 (left) he’s one of two charged in connection with a brutal beating of a teen captured on video.

Today Anthony Spencer walked out of jail pending his trial along with a fellow officer, Spence is facing  assault and misconduct in what many say those charges are way to minor, the mere fact that a teen was assaulted repeatedly and deliberately… is outrageous.

According to sources the beating was allegedly ordered,   Saverna Bias, 53 allegedly told her fellow officer, Anthony Spence, to use force against the teen. According to a witness, she said, “You need to smack him because he’s got too much mouth,”  

Both officers were allowed to turn themselves in on Tuesday night and were released shortly after on bond.

According to sources, many are now seeking for a full investigation into the backgrounds of both

Saverna Bias (Baltimore Police via AP)

Officers and will be asking anyone in the public who has come into contact with either officer to come forward if they have faced similar circumstances.

Stay tuned as we will update this…


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