Mich: Woman Gunned Down And Killed By Police Sparks Outrage…



An investigation is underway into the shooting death of a Detroit woman (Janet Wilson) killed by Dearborn police this past Wednesday night.

According to sources, Wilson was killed by multiple gunshots after she attempted to flee police, authorities allege.

The shooting occurred outside a Fairlane Town Center, The Medical Examiner’s Office, ruled the death a homicide, caused by multiple gunshot wounds.

Police are making far to many allegations in this incident including the all to familiar claim ‘The Driver Drove Towards an Officer’.


One should ask as to why? after a police chase, would anyone put their self in-front of a vehicle that was involved in a chase?

It just seems…. all the excuse needed to escalate a situation, which often turns fatal.

Question? If you deliberately put yourself in harms way, is that somewhat considered a type of premeditation?

Stay tuned as we try to update this tragedy.

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