Justice Sought For James “Cephus” Potts..


We have been seeing many tweets on twitter seeking #JusticeForCephus

According to a GoFundme Page, James C. Potts Jr. was born July 23, 1993, and was found deceased on July, 13 2012, ten days before his 19th birthday.


A private investigator is still being sought for according to a page set up for Potts, citing that,

On the evening of July 12, around 11:30 pm, a call was made to the Reynoldsburg police dept. by a concerned citizen informing police that he heard multiple gun shots in the woods near his home.

Potts was found dead the next day under a tree with a gunshot wound his head the page continued to say.

Friends seeking justice for ‘Potts’  say his death was immediately ruled a suicide without any ballistics and or with the absence of stippling around the wound to his head.

Citing that these two facts alone, should further more inquiries into Potts death.

According to a Facebook Page and Twitter many have felt that the investigation leading to Potts death has not been handled fully.

A gofundme page has been set up in attempts to hire a private investigator.

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