Video Appears To Show A Utah Cop May Have Done What?



In an incident that occurred almost a year ago where an officer was cleared in a fatal shooting of James Barker , has now sparked a new investigation.
A many of times viewers may get distracted by what they would like to see and hear as opposed to what they don’t see but hear.

I have watched this video numerous times and it is still unclear to me as to whether the sounds heard in the back ground are true (Un-edited) and or false.

I also can’t determine if the officer whom was leaning over the alleged victim ‘ James Barker ‘ was handcuffing him afterwards being shot.

While so many are quick to say ” Man shot in the back while handcuffed ” I prefer to wait until more viable evidence is made available, The only thing that disturbed me as a viewer but is (unconfirmed) is the alleged sounds that were heard during the video if in fact they are gun shots.

If this video was manipulated in anyway and or edited  deliberately ‘ that should be a first priority in the investigation. ‘




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