Chicago: Are Police Video’s Being Erased And Or Deleted?


    Just last month a Cook County Grand Jury awarded $2.75 Million in the death of  Keith MacNeice.

    In an all to familiar story involving a police encounter.

    The Chicago Tribune Reported that..

    After her teenage son died in a police-chase crash, Jondalyn Fields’ lawyers asked the Chicago Police Department for the videos from their cars and along the route to try to find out what happened.

    While her lawsuit dragged on for six years, the city finally made a startling claim: Some of the videos it had long denied existed had been erased or recorded over.

    I asked many what their concerns were over todays policing and many felt the same below:

    Their main concerns were as if officers should be treated such as regular citizens when filing a complaint, and if that officer can be personally sued and or held criminally liable for filing a false complaint, including those whom aide and abed.

    In essence many are raising their concerns on officer honesty. Police testimonies may soon be on the line most said.

    Chicago is already facing scrutiny of the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald by an officer Jason Van Dyke whom is now charged with murder.

    Other victims are coming forward (un-related to the McDonald case) lawsuits are being filed for other incidents involving police officers in Chicago.

    Many continue to raise questions and concern as to how top officials are informed of the deletion of video’s and as to whether or not they knew video’s were being deleted and or erased.


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