MD: Woman Gets Punched In Face By Cop Files Lawsuit


Silver Spring, Maryland:
A woman alleges she was punched in the face by an officer, is claiming that officer used excessive force.
Lina Uribe, 29, says she was punched several times by Officer Calloway Sunday morning on July 12 outside a Mexican restaurant called El Tapatio, located on the 4000 block of Kenilworth Ave in Bladensburg.
Uribe said she was hospitalized for three days.
According to sources, Officer Calloway was in uniform but off-duty, and was providing security for the bar.
According to a statement from the Bladensburg Police sources say, Officer Calloway did strike Uribe with his fist, Knocking her out.
Officer Calloway claims it was self-defense.
Stay tuned as we update this tragedy.


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