Peggy Hubbard Rants On Black Lives Matter


Warning Video Contains Explicit Language

In a recent video that went viral, Peggy Hubbard describes her feelings towards a child being murdered while in her bedroom, She then goes on to speak about the Black Lives Matter movement.

First Off I want to say – The killing of 9-year old Jamyla Bolden has struck pain in my heart as well as many others around the world, I am disappointed that out of the hundreds of activists that run the streets no one knows anything or acts if so.

That said:

I must disagree with her opinions of the Mansur Ball-Bey to call him a Thug and to accuse him of grabbing and pointing a gun (stolen) maybe a little pre-mature at this point.

According to sources Mansur Ball-Bey has never been arrested and was headed for college, I also could not find any incidents in hishistory that included violence with this young man.

The STL Prosecutor announced they would be investigating the shooting apparently not all the facts are in.

So did Peggy Hubbard Speak to soon? To call people names and to discredit a movement before all the facts are out, is beyond the thoughts of many.

Though Hubbard says she does not care or many others don’t, Black Lives Matter has been there for many victims focusing their movement including Zachary Hammond.

Though I stay natural, as a reporter I can feel Peggy Hubbard’s views on black on black crime and as to why Black Lives Matter does not address the issue especially on the Join Campaign Zero website, to many it may seem hypocritical.

From my many readings on Black Lives Matter it appears their movement focuses on Police Brutality, injustices including racial imbalances.

My final thought:

Crimes are being committed by all races in America including white on white crime (Theater shootings, school shootings and more) but it seems everyone wants to focus on the black on black crimes, Peggy Hubbard never once mentioned a White on Black crime as in Dylann Roof. Walter Scott, Sam Dubose,  Eric Harris and so many more…


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