CINCINNATI: Video Of The Sam Dubose Killing By UC Officer ‘NOT GOOD’


A City is on edge after constant delaying of a video that has not been released as of yet, sparking anger amongst activists, protestors and citizens.

The Killing of a 43-year-old Sam Dubose, by UC Officer Ray Tensing during a traffic stop is Not Good! according to many Officials who have seen it.

According to sources Officials have been meeting with local leaders in advance in trying to establish some type of resolve, concerned that riots may erupt.

In fact it was stated that “someone has died that did not necessarily need to die.” So how bad is the Video? That’s what many of us want and demand to know.

Just Do The Right thing, show for once that responsibility exists’ another source a protestor said.. and the public will embrace it.

Justice will never happen on its own unless it’s pushed for, a new source said.

According to sources the video is to be released upon completion of the investigation or just prior could be as early as this friday. stay tuned as I update.



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