Miss: Video Appears To Show Troopers Excessive Force on a Lt. Governor.. Candidate


Good thing this driver wasn’t smoking a cigarette.

These are the kind of stops that happen far to frequently, it is almost a reminder of the Sandra Bland Stop.

In todays world, Police seem to pull citizens over for  minor infractions all the time. After all that work to find out that it is only the minor infraction at hand,.. Police attempt to escalate the situation by degrading the citizens they protect and serve, whether it’s to step out the vehicle, or put a cigarette out! and or any other issue they feel might spark a situation.

According to the video: State Troopers Body slam a Lt. Governor Candidate (Jelani Barr)  after a minor traffic stop.

This video is very clear to me, that there was absolutely no threat and no reason for this State Trooper to order this driver out of the vehicle other than to abuse his power and authority.

It was clear from the beginning that this Trooper pulled the driver over for speeding as stated, identification and paperwork was produced by the driver upon demand, However looking at the video it appears that it was to easy for the trooper. A simple ticket just wasn’t enough.

Closing thoughts:

When an Officer asks you to step out a vehicle and you know you’ve done nothing wrong just comply, and ask the Officer what are you being accused of? if that Officer says it’s for the Officer(s) safety then you have just been deemed a threat! an accusation that can be used for further legal matters.

It’s called Fishing (Looking for something other than what was said they pulled you over for, or a flat out lie), from that point you should have the right to deny any consent unless a warrant is produced.

If you ever feel that an Officer is fishing or denying your rights it’s important to file a complaint not only with the Dept. that the Officer is with but to also send a letter of notice to the DOJ and or FBI.

The only way to stop this nonsense is by logs and track records after so many it could show and or prove a pattern the Officer(s) may have should there be a history of events.

But of course I’m no expert, and can only state my opinions in the above mentioned.

NOTE: The Officer kept bragging ‘You’re going to Jail’ Was there a threat? Officer never mentioned Safety Issues or did he?


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