Riverside: Third inmate in a week dies in County jail


According to the Press Enterprise, A third Inmate has died in the Riverside County Jail System within the last 8 days.


There have been many other deaths that have occurred prior to the three above in the Riverside County Jail System and or in Deputy Custody to include a Lawsuit challenging the “Cruel and Inhumane” medical treatment given to inmates in Riverside County’s jails.

Riverside County is mostly patrolled by the Riverside County Sheriffs, Many residents are concerned by the way the County operates citing that not only does the Sheriff’s deputies patrol the communities but also run the County jails, leaving the jailed inmates more vulnerable.

Most Cities in Riverside County Contract with the Sheriff’s dept. which already has an established communication system which Most Cities according to sources can’t afford or won’t spend for in order to have their own Police departments.

Riverside County is also extending their Jails by adding more beds including at the Jail where a last inmate died in Indio.

Sources say: for many residents it is frustrating, to the citizens whom live in the County citing that the Sheriff Department, and the County has a history of keeping quiet and or not releasing information regarding the arrest of Deputies and or more import issues that the dept. may have.

Many media outlets struggle to get coverage there other sources say, and it may have to do with Riversides long history of alleged corruption.

Riverside County has just recently finished settling a $500,000 suit in a teen who was shot to death while handcuffed, and this is just one of the stories that major media outlets had a hard time covering, not to include the off duty Sheriffs Deputy who gunned down and killed a patron at a bar who has been sentenced to 40 years to life. and if you research more online you will find more stories on a smaller platform of blogs and internet news.

Many agree there is a long list of problems that exist in the County that goes un-noticed by the media, Citing that Riverside County has a strong grip and or hold on viable information that is simply just not released and or is swept under the rug.

Sources allege when stories are posted on one of the three regular based internet blog/news sites that many Sheriffs Deputies under various names comment on a story when it regards the sheriffs Dept. By posting positive and sometimes hurtful comments which sometimes distort the truth and or justify the action of the Deputy, in order to gain confidence from the communities, however the residents aren’t fooled sources said.

Though this has not been verified, we have checked some of the sites regarding comments left, and would rather you see for your self.


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