Colorado FOP: Comment On Dead Suspect Sparks Outrage



This is absolutely disgusting:

The Colorado FOP acted no better than THUGS in their comment, with no regard of life.

This was the ColoraadoFOP’s Responding comment posted..
(according to sources: The investigation is still ongoing ) so does this comment show prejudice and or premeditation? To say ‘SUSPECT DECIDED THEIR OWN FATE’ Can the ColoradoFOP prove that as of now?

Note: This Organization has chosen to keep their community and tweets private now click [divider] It appears the Colorado Police Department did not condone the ColoradoFOP’s comment as it was deleted. Additional Comments were posted praising the shooting look at the Tweet, there was no information as to why the shooting occurred, and yet many praised a person loosing their life with comments like ‘Good Shoot’ and more.

This is just one of may reasons why so many activists are born, and become watchers of the police by filming their actions.

We will be donating 100 mini dv cams for that remark, to the Citizens they allegedly represent in the surrounding communities, their comment truly warrants this.


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