Hundreds Of Officers Want To Quit Their Jobs Across the Nation…



Sources say many Officers across our great Nation are resigning and or contemplating to quit, due to limitations, restrictions and or the possibility of criminal prosecution.

That could be one way of riding of those whom we call “Bad Police Officers”, and leaving America and it’s Citizens with good Police Officers. “Our Good Police Officers Deserve IT”

There is a new generation that’s growing into the positions of law enforcement, a generation that will tell on an Officer, a generation who has seen the reality in Policing when they were growing up, whether from Caught on Camera shows, to YouTube video’s and more… Some may have even experienced a family member and or witnessed an Officer’s conduct in action.

Now I’m not saying all Officers are bad! just the ones who try and have that secret club or codes ‘TO NO MATTER WHAT! HAVE AN OFFICER’S BACK’ that crap isn’t working anymore, America and or many Citizens who are becoming victims at a rate far to high, that the Police don’t or choose not to record or make public(for reasons) are fed up.

America wants good wholesome Police Officers that know how to where a badge with honor.

The ones that are quitting or thinking about quitting in my opinion are the ones that can’t continue the path that they’re on or what I call ‘Bad Apples’.

They want to quit before they get caught or arrested or even face trial, can’t figure out what’s so hard about doing a job right? what’s so hard about following procedure?

The Military, FBI, and many other organizations do well everyday…why?

Because they are well trained and know how to follow not only orders, but procedures and protocol.

Hummm what’s so hard about that?

As I ponder to think about the Walter Scott incident, and many more like it, I ask my self ‘Could that Had Been Me? Or You the reader? below is a video that should be watched to remember the Victims that Officers either created, abused, attacked and or Killed!

As you watch the video.. ‘Ask me If I could give a Flying Rats Azz about a Bad Apple Falling from a Tree?

Sometimes great reform comes through defeat and even quitting, so get your quitting on!   ‘America Needs it’.

America needs Good Police Officers….




So lets weigh some options:

  1. I should accept for an Officer to continue killing un-armed persons until one day it reaches someone close to me?
  2. I should accept an Officers Justification for their action(s) when bringing up a victim and or suspects past history! without bringing up the Officer(s) work record and prior complaints?
  3. I should accept an Officer Narration of events because He or She is an Officer?

America! the only way in having a Safe and respectful Police is by filming, filing complaints, and reports against those who abuse the badge. We can continue… the change for a better Police! We don’t have to accept any options except the true ones Governed by Law.


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