Long Beach: Police Gun Down And Kill Victim Aspiring To Become A Lawyer


Feras Morad, 20, was unarmed, when gunned down and killed by a Long Beach Police Officer responding to a call… According to various Internet readings.

Morad had aspirations of becoming a lawyer, a friend said.

Is this kind of killing is becoming a pattern in Law Enforcement? This is the second story  this week, that I have read where an Officer has responded to a rescue situation, and a man was gunned down and killed by Police.

[dropcap size=”220%” shape=”circle” textcolor=”#dd3333″]M[/dropcap]y Opinion:

According to my various reading on this story Feras Morad needed help, not killed! Officer(s) should have been better trained in this type of situation especially when they were pre-warned and or notified by the dispatcher prior to responding to the call. This type of pattern is becoming a trend in Law Enforcement where as now the recurring narration states ” The Subject was approaching me, or went for my gun! and most commonly used and trained in Academy.. The all famous words that we hear so much “I Feared For My Life”.

To Be continued…


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