Baltimore: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Supports limiting comments about police brutality settlements?


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ccording to The Baltimore Sun: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has backed up a proposal to limit comments on those who settle lawsuits regarding allegations of Police Brutality. Those whom settle out of court would only be allowed to discuss the case(s) with Accountants, Tax Preparers and Financial Consultants, but not to the Public and or with the News Media.

Should the Plaintiff(s) break their silence it could cost them thousands if not their settlement in reimbursements and or…

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y opinion:

This is exactly why many Citizens arm themselves with camera’s. Because of the wide spread difficulties of transparency of some Police Departments which are managed and or controlled by a Mayor.  At most times both working together as a team in most Cities and or Counties. If attempting to block, hide and of force victims to be silent how can we as a great nation continue to have faith in our Police and Local Government? This is not North Korea! by exposing the issues at hand and making them public only helps resolve issues by preventing them from happening again. So now we know that Baltimore like so many other Cities and Counties are revising and amending clauses to keep victims silent and to sweep police brutality claims under a rug so that voices cannot be heard from the victims  abused in the case(s) reflecting above.

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