Video Response: Sheriff David Clarke, This Was Justice, Not Political


Here is another prime example of an Officer refusing to accept the responsibility of a senseless life being taken away while in the custody of the police.

I heard this man speak, and I heard in the fine print ” This Matter should Have Been handled Civilly ” What a JOKE!.

He even had the audacity to promote his twitter name on the show.

The reason why this great Nation Needs to hold Officers accountable for their action(s), is because of the civil process, far to often a many of Officers truly believe that the worst thing that can happen is that the City, County and or Department will be sued for their mistake(s) with no charges filed.

This is a new Era, a new generation is evolving and many of the old-timers are stepping up by speaking out, an age  of cameras, which are not only showing how some Officer(s) conduct themselves, but are now assisting in the prosecution of Un-lawful Serving Officers.

Had Freddie Gray died in the hands of his friends and or in a Friends Vehicle I’m sure that all those involved would had been arrested, Police Officers should be treated the same and held with the same accountability, knowing this will make both sides more responsible.

Just as Sheriff Clarke could care less about the prosecutors background of law enforcement, A many of us could care less about the Officer(s) who don’t follow procedure, protocol and the law. The Nation has spoken except it.

That’s my opinion

Prime Example Of a $650.000 Settled Lawsuit

Or How about this one: The jury decided that Salib suffered $37,500 in non-economic damages.

And I could go on and on and on It just never ends…


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