Pala Casino Food Buffet Choices Gets A 5 Star Rating


TemekuNews Gives Pala a 5 Star Rating! See Chart Below…

My family and I went there for easter, though the line was a little long it was worth the wait…

I start this story off first by extending our thanks to all those whom provided great service!  Two in particular a female server named ‘ Martha ‘ and a Male server named ‘ Winyoo’

The services they provided were above and beyond all expectations, I say this because these two servers were on top of their profession, I never had to look for them when I needed a refill of lemonade or at the end when I wanted a cup of coffee, my family was easily impressed as well as they were treated just the same, as I watched these two work around at other tables I could see the guests were feeling the same way, What I’m really trying to say is that most places I have travelled too, I have run across Waiters whom wait because they have too, Not at Pala! These waiters wait because they love too! and that makes a big difference.

My family and I also want to thank the other servers,cooks,chefs,management,desserts :),

bakery, and all those whom were there the day of Easter for making our Dinner, as well as many others a Fantastic Event.

Ok Enough of that.. Lets get to the food…

I have four words for their food:



The food had great taste and flavor! The chefs were there ready to cut meat the way YOU wanted it, there was char broiled burgers, steaks, cheesy pizza’s,shrimp,scallops,maccaroni and cheese,shrimp fried rice,french fries,mashed potatoes,gravy,turkey,lamb,crab legs, spaghetti,meatballs,hotdogs,corn dogs and the list goes on an on and on…I can’t even describe the bakery it would take too long but here’s a small hint: Canolis,chocolate pop cakes,vanilla shaved chocolate pop cakes, chocolate chip cookies and again the list goes on.

There was a Female server there on this day as well whom was so busy, yet always kept a smile and continued to make the hundreds of guests happy! in-fact I ordered two of each of my favorite desserts and she kindly placed them on the plate then asked if there was anything else????? that I wanted… I was shocked…..this Is Awesome!…

I wanted to take more pictures but pictures won’t do you any justice, You really need to try this buffet out! It’s called ‘ Choices ‘ and believe me there are a lot of choices there…


This place deserves a 5 STAR and more! give it a try….


I’m only placing one photo It was very hard to get a snap shot without anyone in front… the rest you will have to see for yourself 🙂

pala buffet


Rating chart:

  • 5 = Super Excellent
  • 4 = Great
  • 3 = average
  • 2 = Poor & or Poor service
  • 1 = Would Never Recommend



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