Chino Hills: 3 arrested in Officer involved road rage incident..



Lets think about this? According to Various readings.. An off Duty-Officer in an unmarked car and out of uniform encounters a Vehicle on a freeway,.. Something happens during that encounter where as the subjects decide to pull over and enter into a well lighted parking lot for safety.. the Off duty officer in an Unmarked car follows them into the well lighted parking lot ( keep in mind it is what most concerned Citizens would do ).. What  I can’t understand or what has not been explained is how many times did this Officer attempt to call the Police in order to report the Behavior of the Subjects while on or during the alleged road rage incident? Why Didn’t the Officer just continue to follow the Subjects until a Marked Unit appeared? Many will argue that if Citizens are held liable for pulling over to any or all unmarked vehicles and or surrendering to Strangers out of Uniform that the County should be held Liable for any or all Civil  and or Criminal liabilities…. Instead of Waiting for Marked units to Arrive with Uniformed Officers… A shooting occurs which many will argue could had been avoided If the Off-Duty Officer would of  had waited until a Marked Police Vehicle appeared on the scene.. Or was a call ever made? Before and or After the Shooting? One thing for certain is Many were injured.. one by  way of Gun shot by the Off Duty Officer, An what of the Dispatch Logs what times do the Reports Indicate? My opinion is this.. If we as a Public are forced to pull over and submit to Strangers at Night in Un-Marked vehicles and plain clothes personnel.. then what are our Options in Protecting Ourselves, Family and Passengers… something smells Foul Here and now three people are in Jail,with a fourth person with major injuries… according to my reading the subjects did what most ordinary people would do pulling over into a well lighted area, the Off-Duty Officer had plenty of time to Call it in and Wait for Marked vehicle(s) during the alleged Road rage incident and after entering the well lighted lot, Rather than sit and wait and or Call for Uniformed officers to arrived the Situation escalated why? Many would argue that the subjects should had called the Police as well while and or during the Encounter of a Un-marked vehicle while on the Freeway.. Why? What were they really doing? and how many other Freeway passengers called in alleging… these subjects of road rage? or was it Just the Off-Duty Officer whom Witnessed this? I would reall get all the 911 call records for that night…

Do you think these three subjects were arrested in oder to cover up?????????? and what about the Fourth Subject?


Are we heading back into the Wild Wild West Era of Policing?


That my Opinion Whats yours?


Bill K.. My Voice


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